Construction Staking

Superior Construction Staking

Be Ready to Break Ground With Our Construction Staking

Your site will be accurately staked by our efficient team and will be ready for construction. We strive on providing the best in detail. We check and double check the site for accuracy. You can even choose your level of accuracy.
Choose a surveying team that'll provide you with the most detailed information. We have 20 years of experience in construction staking. Call us to schedule an appointment.

String Lining Your House Corners for Committee Inspection

If you need to show your design committee where your proposed house corners are in respect to your boundary, we can help. The professionals at Geo Land Surveying LLC will also string line your house corners for the design committee inspection.
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for FREE estimates on our partition services. 
We're dedicated to providing you with accurate land surveying and staking services at competitive prices.
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